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Holiday Lodges for families

Family Holiday Lodges in Hungary

If you are looking for a family lodge or log cabin for a holiday in Hungary we can help. We have 43 quality lodges, log cabins and chalets in Hungary. Just a few of the superb lodges available to book are shown here. You can refine your search using the menu on the left.

Campsite Balatontourist Camping & Bungalows Zala , Keszthely ,Lake Balaton,Hungary

Campsite Balatontourist Camping & Bungalows Zala - Keszthely - Zala

Balatontourist Camp Site & Bungalows Zala is located right on Lake Balaton in Hungary. The shaded camp site has spacious camping pitches and also has bungalows on offer. It is a peaceful and informally located site with its own beach and swimming pool. There is excellent fishing in the reed fields on the lake.

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Park Camping, Vonyarcvashegy,Zala,Hungary

Park Camping - Vonyarcvashegy - Zala

Park Camping is probably the nicest and most attractive camp site on Lake Balaton. And that's saying a lot in this idyllic part of Hungary on the largest lake in West and Central Europe!

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Campsite Panorama, Cserszegtomaj,Zala,Hungary

Campsite Panorama - Cserszegtomaj - Zala

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Campsite Ifjusag, Siofok,Somogy,Hungary

Campsite Ifjusag - Siofok - Somogy

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Tomaj Camping, Badacsonytomaj,Veszprem,Hungary

Tomaj Camping - Badacsonytomaj - Veszprem

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Campsite Feszek Termal, Bogacs,Borsod Abauj Zemplen,Hungary

Campsite Feszek Termal - Bogacs - Borsod Abauj Zemplen

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Arnyas Camping, Puspokladany,Hajdu Bihar,Hungary

Arnyas Camping - Puspokladany - Hajdu Bihar

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Naturista Oazis Camping, Delegyhaza,Pest,Hungary

Naturista Oazis Camping - Delegyhaza - Pest

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Solar Camping, Heviz,Zala,Hungary

Solar Camping - Heviz - Zala

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Strandfurdo Camping, Ozd,Borsod Abauj Zemplen,Hungary

Strandfurdo Camping - Ozd - Borsod Abauj Zemplen

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Dorcas Camping, Debrecen,Hajdu Bihar,Hungary

Dorcas Camping - Debrecen - Hajdu Bihar

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Campsite Gyongyvirag, Koszeg,Vas,Hungary

Campsite Gyongyvirag - Koszeg - Vas

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Campsite Castrum, Balatongyorok,Zala,Hungary

Campsite Castrum - Balatongyorok - Zala

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Sziksosfurdo Kemping, Szeged,Csongrad,Hungary

Sziksosfurdo Kemping - Szeged - Csongrad

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Balatontourist Bungalow and Cp. Aranypart, Siofok,Somogy,Hungary

Balatontourist Bungalow and Cp. Aranypart - Siofok - Somogy

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Borostyan Camping, Zalalovo,Zala,Hungary

Borostyan Camping - Zalalovo - Zala

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Campsite Jonathermal AG, Kiskunmajsa,Bacs Kiskun,Hungary

Campsite Jonathermal AG - Kiskunmajsa - Bacs Kiskun

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Campsite Castrum, Galambok,Zala,Hungary

Campsite Castrum - Galambok - Zala

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Farm Lator, Saly Lator puszta,Borsod Abauj Zemplen,Hungary

Farm Lator - Saly Lator puszta - Borsod Abauj Zemplen

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Kek Duna Camping, Dunafoldvar,Tolna,Hungary

Kek Duna Camping - Dunafoldvar - Tolna

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Natura Camping, Acs,Komarom Esztergom,Hungary

Natura Camping - Acs - Komarom Esztergom

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Tolgyes Kemping, Jaszapati,Jasz Nagykun Szolnok,Hungary

Tolgyes Kemping - Jaszapati - Jasz Nagykun Szolnok

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Campsite Fortuna, Torokbalint,Pest,Hungary

Campsite Fortuna - Torokbalint - Pest

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Harsfa Camping, Sellye,Baranya,Hungary

Harsfa Camping - Sellye - Baranya

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Thermal Camping, Komarom,Komarom Esztergom,Hungary

Thermal Camping - Komarom - Komarom Esztergom

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